Barbecue every Thursday and Friday

Barbecue evenings are held every Thursday and Friday in our restaurant. Dishes made in the open air, prepared on open fire have a unique flavour. Share the special atmosphere of this barbecue evening with your friends!

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We await our customers with homemade dishes and Hungarian hospitality in Hévíz-Egregy under the medieval church from the Árpád age (map).
Address: Hévíz, Zrínyi street 181. +350m
Booking 8am - 11am & 2pm - 10pm: +36 - 30 - 927 -  9011
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Opening hours

clock.pngDear Guests! We inform you that our restaurant has closed. Expected Opening: April 01, 2018

Old Bell Tavern and Restaurant

b_200_0_16777215_00___images_oreg_harang_heviz_oreg_harang_heviz_05.jpgWe are pleased to receive you in our family tavern and restaurant, which is situated on Hévíz's sunny vineyards and offers special dishes. Besides the authentic atmosphere we especially focus on our unique food offer to which in each and every case we purchase the necessary ingredients from local farmers. Our restaurant got its reputation because of the dishes made from Hungarian specialities, such as goat, grey beef, water buffalo, donkey, guinea fowl, rabbit and 'mangalica' pig. We serve a wide range of wines made by vine-growers of Hévíz to ensure the perfect drink to your dinner (whether it is grey beef, guinea fowl, 'mangalica' pig or one of our vegetarian dishes).

b_200_0_16777215_00___images_oreg_harang_heviz_oreg_harang_heviz_45.jpgTake a nice walk to the medieval church from the Áprád age, then have a cosy dinner in our restaurant and enjoy the unique athmosphere of rural idyll! The quiet and intimate athmosphere, the rustic wood furniture, the special ceramic accessories all evoke the tranquillity of a bygone age. Whether it is a quiet, intimate, romantic dinner for two, a bigger family reunion, a wedding or a class reunion, the Öreg Harang (Old Bell) Tavern and Restaurant is the perfect choice! The Öreg Harang (Old Bell) Tavern and Restaurant is situated in the heart of Hévíz, on the hills of Egregy and it has a spectacular view of the town centre and the countryside.

Our  restaurant is not  able to accept credit cards. Only cash payment is possible.